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DIVA Wedding Fayres has 10 years experience organising fantastic wedding shows and 10 years experience in the Wedding Industry. If you own a wedding business, then the best way to market you and your business is by exhibiting at one of our events. Our wedding fayres offer you the opportunity to promote your wedding business or services to the perfect target audience.


Each event is extensively advertised using social media, road signage,  in-store advertising, posters and online media.


We pride ourselves on offering affordable advertising packages for our wedding suppliers, whilst ensuring our events are promoted to as many brides as possible, and it is for this reason we have built up a loyal client base who continue to exhibit with us, show after show and year after year.




Don't just take our word for it...

Lucy - 

John Lewis 


“The event was organised brilliantly. Every bride we spoke to said how lovely the atmosphere was and how smoothly it was run. You have really set the bar high for the other wedding fayres we've booked to go to.”

"We now only go to DIVA Wedding Fayres in The West Midlands."

Sarah Ellen  

Sarah Ellen Designer Jewellery


Having sampled a Diva Wedding Fayre for the first time I was so impressed with the event that I booked another one immediately!

We had a continuous stream of potential clients; lovely people who had the time to stop and chat but who were looking for something 
special; something unique and I do believe that Diva wedding fayres meet that need entirely.

Thank you so much Sophie and Jacqui for a most enjoyable wedding fayre. In fact, I enjoyed the day so much that I kept forgetting that I was working...everything about the event was ideal. The hot drinks throughout the day were very welcome plus the fact that Sophie and Jacqui were at hand all day was very reassuring, although it was so well planned that I saw no issues to be dealt with. 

The mother and daughter combo work brilliantly together and having built up this impressive business in such a short time is testament to their work ethic and clear passion for the industry. They deserve to have a flourishing enterprise and I am only thankful to have discovered them and to have the opportunity to be on board.  A job very well done!

Enrique Riojas  



Last Sunday was THE Sunday. I bumped into DIVA Wedding Fayres by accident last year while researching for Fayres to assist. Basically, Wedding Fayres can be potentially a good thing or disastrously bad. More so when you do not research well what the Fayre Style/Target Bride is. No point in going to a BOHO Wedding Fayre if your product sits more with Classical , Modern and Upmarket Brides. So choosing the right one is paramount.


I basically liked the quality of the Images on their Website , the type of Business they portray in it. Chic comes to mind. Elegant. And that's only them, not the type of Bride that would walk through the door!


And so I booked! And started to plan out what to do because , the one I was attending to was in no other place that Birmingham's own Town Hall!!! Which its a stunning Building itself and after the Fayre, a fabulous Venue!


I met Sophie and Jacqui , the fabulous Daughter-Mother Dynamic Duo- Organizer-Owners of DIVA before last Sunday as I provided a new Cake Design for their Town Hall Photoshoot and as Sophie said "It's always nice to put a face to the person on the emails " and that is sooo true! I instantly liked both of them just by watching and looking at what they were doing! And I have to say that last Sunday I confirmed to myself that first impressions were right on the money!


DIVA Wedding Fayres has been by MILES the BEST Wedding Fayre I have exhibited in. Sophie and Jacqui have a fantastic product and their working ethics and dynamics make the whole experience even better! I cannot comment on the Brides,Grooms experience but from the Exhibitors point on view they are absolutely fantastic!


And it is their attention to detail and the stunning venues they manage to book that elevates the Wedding Fayre that notch above all the others. Yes, I am probably biased, and so should you ,if you are attending a Wedding Fayre as a Bride /Groom /Family or as an exhibitor, you just want it to be the best and be surrounded by talented people. I also met some other lovely suppliers which was good for business networking.


So yes....I would say it...I only want to Exhibit with DIVA and I would only recommend you to go to a DIVA Wedding Fayre! :)


If you would like to join TEAM DIVA, please pop us an email using the enquiry form below and we will endeavor to get back to you within 24 hours.
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